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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> with the ceasefire over, israeli tanks and troops take up positions on the border at gaza. in the strip itself, palestinians wake up to the distribution that follows israeli air strikes. hello. welcome to al jazeera. we are live from doha. also to come - exhausted but victorious - we here from the kurdish group that battled islamic state for iraq's biggest
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dam. [ chanting ] another night of protests in the u.s. town of ferguson, after the killing of a black teenager. and the biggest name in yoga has died aged 95. the ceasefire between israel and hamas is over, and the killing has resumed. 11 palestinians have died, including the wife and child of a hamas leader, reportedly targeted in strikes overnight. on tuesday the ceasefire negotiations in cairo collapsed, with both sides blaming each other. israel carried out air strikes after it said rockets from fired from gaza. security has been stepped up along the gaza border.
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these are the latest pictures of tanks as fighting continues on both sides. let's get the latest from jane ferguson in gaza. >> looking at the peace talks, as they coles apped, people -- collapsed people wonder if there is a solution. all parties have left, other than the head of the palestinian delegation. he is due to leave this morning. it would seem what happened yesterday, from the palestinian side, they have put forward a proposal, a 10-point proposal, and they were waiting for a formal response from the israeli, when they heard that they had left. it can nickly they are waiting for a formal response. the likelihood of a peaceful resolution is fading.
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let's look back at how this unravelled on tuesday afternoon. the ceasefire ended well before its mid nightdeadline. al jazeera was filming by the northern border of israel when one of the first air strikes hit. before, three rockets from fired from gaza into israel. >> this is the 11th ceasefire that hamas rejected or violated. we must be clear. if one side violates the ceasefire, the other side no longer is oble ligated to honour the same ceasefire. >> translation: the israeli destination left 1600 cairo time. meaning there was a decision by binyamin netanyahu. the collapse of the talks whilst they were consulting with the egyptians. in any ceasefire, any incident could happen. this she is israel is not serious about reaching on
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agreement. >> the palestinians want the siege on gaza extended. they want the borders open for goods and material and sea borders. for now, with a renewed exchange of fire from both sides of the conflict, and negotiators recalled from truce talks in cairo, it looks less likely that a lasting peace will be agreed any time soon. >> now, it's been confirmed that the iraqi army failed again to take over the city of tikrit from islamic state. this has been the third attempt to take back saddam hussein's home town from the islamic state group. now, the cities of mosul and tikrit have been held by the islamic state since june. the iraqi army is trying to push
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north from baghdad. outside of mosul kurdish peshmerga forces are taking on islamic state fighters, and they have retaken control of the largest dam. the fighting is far from over. jane arraf reports. >> reporter: here on the road to mosul dam the effect of u.s. air strikes. american-made vehicles commandeered by the islamic state. the road lined by twisted metal and charred fields. the air strikes cleared the way for kurdish force and iraqish troops to retake the dam. it was a small number of special forces fighting under kurdish command. unprecedented cooperation. leaving the mosul dam. these men ignored the 5,000 troops said they alone were the reason it was retaken.
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>> translation: we liberated it all. nobody else came with us. >> on the dam weary kurdish fighters had not stepped for days. this is like no conflict they have ever seen. >> translation: when we entered this we expected conflict and war. this is completely different. in a conventional war you go the frontline and fight accordingly. this is different. they have to respect for families, homes or children. they fight like terrorists, booby trapping houses and roads without caring for civilian life. >> reporter: iraqi explosive experts diffused more than 150 bombs. although the dam is taken, the fighting is not over. fighting continues west of mere. there was the sound of gunfire a
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short while ago. troops are moving out, continuing to the town of zumara. then it's 60km to sinjar, a tougher fight. the kurd have been pleading for years for arms and military support. the special forces said islamic state have now retreated. he says air support made all the difference in bat hing the group -- battling the group. it was an important victory for the kurds and iraqi forces. there are more battles to fight, and a longer road for the group calling itself the islamic state. just to repeat - iraqi forces failed to tick tikrit - the birthplace of saddam hussein, and there are other flashpoints in the country. in ramadi we have this report
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from zeina khodr. >> reporter: ramadi is a city not at peace with itself or the rest of iraq. the outskirts of anbar province is a battle ground. the iraqi air force has been targetting it, the enemy the islamic state and sunni forces who have taken up arms against the shia led government. it is the civilians who die. almost 700 are pleased to have been killed in government attacks since january. >> translation: the situation is ter icial. many have been killed, we want to go home. we are not expecting a solution. we are fighting for seats. >> reporter: this is the sunni province. the government has enemies and friends. the local authority takes orders from baghdad. some have sided with the state. those alliances are the only
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thing preventing the islamic state from control ght the whole of anbar province. that is the alliance that the iraqi army and government needs. they need the support of iraq to win the battle and prevent a sunni-shia war. much attention has been focused on the islamic state group. months before, there was a sunni uprising. >> late last year sunnis held peaceful protests, demanding more rights. the government responded with force, and the islamic state swept in, capitalizing on anger, making the fight their own. there is hope that the new prime minister haider al-abadi, may be able to reach out to all of iraq's political factions. >> translation: we hope the new government will improve the security situation. we want to return hem and don't want iraq divided.
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>> reporter: many in this country see islamic state was the biggest threat. the real threat may be the lack of unity among iraqis. let's go live to zeina khodr, and get the latest. she joins us from erbil in northern iraq. we heard that iraqi forces failed to retake tikrit, this being the third time. why is it so difficult for iraqi forces? >> this is going to be a very difficult fight. like you said, the third attempt. the islamic state group and other sunni groups control a third of iraq. what they control is the sunni heartland. one way or the other they have support among the population. the iraqi forces do not have a presence in this region. the iraqi army virtually collapsed in the north. we understand the iraqi army is advancing north of baghdad with the help of shia militias.
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this will not be easy. what we understand is they are using snipers to slow the advance, roadside bombs, and for now, in the north, yes, we have been reporting advances against the islamic state, but we have to bear in mind that the peshmerga, and elements of the military, they wouldn't have been able to take the dam this easily without the support of air strikes. u.s. air strikes made a difference, taking out the artillery, and the checkpoints and convoys and vehicles. the iraqi army needs the support of the sunnis. what we understand from the elders is they are not going to take up arms. even though they don't share the same ideology, they share a common enemy. iraq sunnis want a greater say. it boils down to finding a political settlement in order to
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win the battle. thank you zooeina khodr, in the north of iraq. >> in syria the islamic state is claiming to have beheaded a u.s. journalist. james foley disappeared in 2012. the group says his killing is in response to america's aggression towards the islamic state. the white house says it's investigating the apparent murder. foley's mother appealed to people not to spread images of his execution. there has been more arrests in the u.s. town of ferguson, where protesters are demanding justice after a black teenager was shot dead. >> reporter: relative calm returned to ferguson tuesday after nights of unrest. instead of the stench of tear gas, the airways filled with the chance of peaceful protest. the family of the michael brown,
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the 18-year-old who is slain at the hands of a ferguson police officer while unarmed touched off the racially tinged uproar, announced that his funeral would be held on monday, august 25th. the same day that area schools are due to reopen, after a week's delay. welcome news for students like mia austin. >> it is affecting us. we are expecting to be in school. this is not helping the grade point averages go up. >> other long-time residents of the town believe it's time for the protests that disrupted life here to end. >> it's been 10 days now. it should have been over with several days ago, in my opinion. >> with a grand jury expected to meet on wednesday to consider evidence against darren wilson, the officer police say shot brown, and with a federal civil right probe, missouri governor
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jay nixon put out a message calling for respect for the law and justice for the brown family. the mayor of ferguson said he would make stronger efforts to recruit african-american officers to the town's nearly all-white police force. young people say few black youths in ferguson dream of a law enforcement career. >> everywhere sees how the cops treat u the kids run up saying "i don't want to be a police officer", some do want it to change the diversity in place. kids in high schools don't want to be a cop at the moment. >> reporter: the rift within the community will take a long time to be closed. a night without violence is a decent start. we have a lot more to come at al jazeera, including on the road to happiness. can this ukranian town offer peace to those fleeing violence in the east. >> plus, waiting for a new
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president - inton eeshians look forward to a ruling on last month's disputed presidential locations. -- elections.
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so a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. 10 palestinians have been killed and more than 880 injured in the latest fighting between israel and palestinian factions. on tuesday the ceasefire negotiations collapsed with both sides blaming each other for brabing the truce. -- breaking the truce. the iraqi army failed to
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take over the city of tikrit from the islamic state fighters and sunni rebels. it's the third attempt to take back the home town from the group. more protesters are behind bars after another night of protests. the unrest began in frg after the police -- ferguson after the police shooting of a black teenager michael brown. we'll go live to ferguson, and hear from the highway patrol chief ron johnson. >>... in another incident a handgun was seized. at midnight bottles were thrown at police force near a business on west florenzi, forcing police to deploy shields and break into the crowd and search for the
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agitatorsers who hid behind the media -- agitators who hid gd the media for safety. the police is did not use tear gas but used minor amounts of pepper spray. no police officer fired a bullet. what made the difference, you may ask? tonight, theed elders in this community, volunteers, activists and the clergy come out in large numbers. they walked and talked with people. they urged order, calm and peace. that had a common influence on the younger people. as of 1am there were 47 arrests, and 41 compared to the same time yesterday. one of the arrestees was on out of state violator who we arrested for the third time. offer the past 10 days the men and women of law enforcement and
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the people of ferguson have gotten to know better and understand one another. it makes me proud as i see more and more police officers and residents interacting. jay nixon says we have seen acts of grace and kindness, as the people of ferguson try to maintain peace. let me give you examples of what i witnessed. at 8:30 on west florenzi avenue, i met a woman cooking with her family. she invited me and the troopers to jip her for hot dogs and ice cold water -- join her for hot docks and ice cold water. one good hot dog it was. despite the turmoil, she cooked out there for past six nights in a row, inviting people to join her. that is the true spirit of
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ferguson. and i saw the same spirit of ferguson 10 hours earlier when hundreds of volunteers were sweeping the streets and picking up the glass and other debris, rebuilding the city. >> that is ron johnson, chief of the highway patrol giving an update on the situation overnight. it is 20 past two in the morning in ferguson missouri. he has divulged that an array of handguns have been confiscated by police. he said that bombs were thrown at the police, but no policeman fired a bullet. he said that the diffused tension, as he saw it, was probably due to the presence of elders on the street, as well as clergy mixing with the community, helping to bring down tensions. that is ron johnson speaking live in ferguson, missouri. now to ukraine, where
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government forces are closing in on the rebel-held city of donetsk. rebels have been left in a dire situation. some have fled to fastiyah. >> the town's name in english means happiness. at the moment it's anything but. if you travel along this route you reach luhansk, which is shelled every day. few venture that way any more. the effects of the fighting are felt here. inside shastia's hospital, civilians, separatists and soldiers from the ukranian army are being treated. there's no distinction made. the priority is helping those in need. >> translation: the majority of people are wounded because of mines and shelling as well. a smaller group of people is coming with gunshot wounds. the most challenging wounds to treat are shrapnel and injuries
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infloicted by -- inflilented by rockets rockets. >> reporter: this area was held by the rebels but is back in the hands of ukranian. we are several kilometres from the front line, we can hear the sound of artillery fire. street fighting was reported in luhansk. in the other separatist strong held and surrounding areas, a battle to take back retained territory is intensifying, and terrifying for those caught in the conflict. the risks are still everywhere. >> we have military checkpoints around the city. the shelling is coming from the cop sit side. the dangers are present all the time. >> reporter: not everyone manages to get to the hospital.
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the road is too treacherous and medical help is out of reach. al jazeera is continuing to demand the release of its three yourmist who -- journalists who have been imprisoned in egypt tore 235 days. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed were accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. in june mohamed fadel fahmy and peter greste were given 7-year sentences. baher mohamed got an extra three years because he had a spent bullet in his possession, which he picked up at a protest. iran's parliament is scheduled to vote on the impeachment of the ministry of science, research and technology. his critics say he's appointed allies. he'll have to respond to the allegations. pakistan's prime minister nawaz sharif decided to meet
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opposition leader imran khan as thousand protest in front of parliament. imran khan and cleric tahir ul-qadri want nawaz sharif to resign. he is accused of rigging last year's election. he refused to step down. the army called on all sides to reach a solution to end the crisis. texas governor and republican presidential hopeful rick perry has been charged with two counts of abuse of power. he turned himself in for fingerprinting and a mugshot. he is accused of coercion and official oppression for publicly promising to divert $7.5 million from the texas public integrity unit. perry says he'll fight the charges with every fibre of his being. in my opinion people held by the shiping park, a peruvian rebel group, were rescued in a joint police operation. they may have been held captive
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for 20 years. the group was largely disbanded in 1992. official believe members remained at large and were involved in the drug trade. the latest rescue operation dubbed 2014 has been under way for close to two weeks. >> translation: there are peruvians like us subjected to a regiment of terror to serve the shining pass, and children treated to indoctrination of the shining pass. in liberia, food aid is sent to thousands, stuck in areas guaranteed because of the ebola outbreak. food supplies have been interrupted because of roadblocks trying to stop the spread of the virus. there's fear that starvation could set in. liberia has recorded the biggest number of ebola deaths, with 53
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people dying in two days. now, 33 died af a series of landslides near hir orb ma near japan. rescuers have been searching for survive yours. rain and deforestation has been blamed for the landslide. >> the world renowned indian yoga master b.k.s. lyengar has passed away. seen on his 95th birthday, his style is taught by 35 teachers around the world. it allows the use of props to achieve the right postures. he had a history of heart problems. after a long and heated process john eesha's elections are coming to a close. the constitutional court are delivering a verdict. we have this report from
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jakarta. >> reporter: emotions are running high a month and a half after the presidential election. former general who loves the election said irregularities have occurred at 52,000 polling stations. >> we believe in constitutional judges, and demand justice for the sake of the nation and democracy. >> jakarta's governor joko widodo was declared the winner with 53% of the vote. according to law expert evidence of cheating is thin. >> translation: if cheating happened it's because these are one of the most complicated of elections. there's no power in indonesia that can determine the result. if cheating happened, it can happen on both sides. tens of thousands go to the
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streets. >> the election needs to be repeated. we will be disappointed otherwise. the election will make the country unsafe. >> indonesia awaits the verdict. constitutional court. security forces are preparing for the worst. many hope that the verdict will be accepted peacefully. away from the protests, in neighbourhoods where the election was won, there's a hood of reconciliation. prabowo subianto has to accept the verdict. what can he do when the other person as won. don't make trouble. i want indonesia to move forward. we don't neat more conflict. this is the last legal step before a president will be inaugurated on october 20th. now, remember you can keep up to date with all the day's
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developments and all the major stories on the website. you can keep up to date with what is going on in gaza, with news of the ceasefire breaking down seeps through. we are hearing of 10 people having decide in israeli air strikes overnight. is there a difference between a police officer and soldier - what they are for, how they are equipped. the job they are trained to do. as the conflict in ferguson, missouri flares and flames every few days, we'll look at the differences. it's "inside story".